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Joining a committee gives members the opportunity to be more involved with WAMIE and actively participate in the planning process of the events that WAMIE has for its members. It provides the opportunity for members to enhance their professional skills in many different ways.

The Marketing Committee is a space for creative members to sharpen their design skills and use programs like InDesign, Photoshop, and Power Point to help advertise WAMIE events and promote recruitment. Along with being creative, some responsibilities include creating advertising materials and promoting WAMIE events in person and online.It is a great opportunity to have an outlet to be creative and work in a space you may not get to through academics.
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The Finance Committee provides members the opportunity to develop real life budgeting skills, gain more experience with Excel at a higher level and discover recruiters in the Accounting/Finance industry. Some of the responsibilities in the committee include creating a budget and set sales goals for WAMIE's fundraisers, organizing all logistics of fundraisers and charity events and acting as a liaison between general members and board members.
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The Research Committee is offers members passionate about economic research the opportunity to develop and share their research interests. Working with the Research Committee team, committee members will get the experience of planning and holding WAMIE research events and moderating and writing for a biweekly newsletter on the the latest economic research. The Research Committee allows its team to become better acquainted with the many forms of economic research and various research opportunities available.
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The Technology Operations Committee offers members the opportunity to gain more experience with digital marketing, public relations and web development. Members of this committee would represent the public face of WAMIE on the different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and conduct digital marketing for all WAMIE events. Members in the Technology Operations Committee participate to the development of the WAMIE official website and the composition of WAMIE newsletters.
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